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Boombell - the first adjustable dumbbell in 1kg increments

The BOOMBELL sets new standards in the realm of adjustable system dumbbells. With 30 weight settings in precise 1kg increments, the BOOMBELL is unquestionably the most flexible dumbbell on the market.

Besides its unique design, the BOOMBELL stands out for its quality and innovation. Premium materials and precise craftsmanship ensure a comfortable and noise-free training experience – all within a compact space


Adjustable 3kg to 32kg


Step-by-step weight change


Maximum weight


International patent

🇦🇹 Innovation from Austria

Design & Function

High-quality materials, extensive expertise, and abundant innovation. The BOOMBELL combines all these components for the next generation of adjustable dumbbells.

World record 30 in 1

With an adjustable range from 3 kg to 32 kg, a single BOOMBELL replaces 30 conventional dumbbells. This versatility makes the BOOMBELL the most flexible dumbbell in the world!

1Kg Weight change

Changing weights has never been more convenient, quick, and easy. With the rotating handle, the desired weight can be adjusted in seconds, in 1kg increments.

Extremely space-saving

A set of BOOMBELL replaces 60 traditional dumbbells and requires only 0.4m² of space. This makes it perfect even for the smallest rooms

Design meets innovation

The next generation of adjustable dumbbells! The revolution in the fitness industry! Train your entire body in every free minute. The BOOMBELL makes it possible, see for yourself!

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Boombell Style 1kg adjustable dumbbell


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Boombell provides you the maximum of service and support!

Up to 5 years guarantee

We give you a guarantee of up to 5 years on our BOOMBELL products.

Support & Service

If you have any questions or problems, our support is available to you.

48h express delivery

Delivery is made by GLS within 2-3 working days.

Top delivery costs

We deliver express and at top flat rates

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The Boomrack - dumbbell stand and training device

The BOOMRACK is the most innovative multifunctional dumbbell stand on the market. Store your BOOMBELL safely and at an optimal working height! Store additional training accessories directly on the stand and transform the BOOMRACK into an effective training device using the Landmine extension. The BOOMRACK makes it possible, see for yourself!

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Boomrack V1.3 dumbbell stand


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Design & Function

Thought out down to the smallest detail. The BOOMRACK is the most innovative and multifunctional dumbbell stand on the market.

Maximum storage space

The BOOMRACK only requires 0.4m² of space! Store your BOOMBELL, barbell bars and weight plates on the BOOMRACK to save space and safely.

Landmine Innovation

Mit der Landmine-Erweiterung wird aus dem BOOMRACK ein multifunktionales und höchst effektives Trainingsgerät.

Media holder

The media holder extension is the optimal storage for your smartphone or tablet and has 2 integrated drinking bottle holders.

Why should you choose Boombell?

Patented design

Our 1kg step weight change is protected by patent.

World record
30 in 1

30 dumbbells in one! A single boombell replaces 30 dumbbells.

High-quality materials

We always use the highest quality materials for our products.

A real space miracle

Your home gym in just 0.4m²! Smart, innovative and extremely space-saving.

Perfect for home gyms

Save time & money! Train your entire body in every free minute.

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