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F.A.Q. – Frequently asked Questions

Company & General

What does the Boombell brand stand for?

Boombell stands for high quality home gym equipment!
With our Boombell dumbbell system and the Boomrack dumbbell stand, we offer our customers a perfect combination for a small, smart home gym.

How long does Boombell GmbH guarantee its products?

Please always find this information in the respective item description in the shop. The guarantee periods vary between 2 and 5 years.

Can I come pick up products myself and pay in cash on site?

YES! Our customers have several options for self-collection.

General Logistics Systems Austria GmbH
Head Office • 4052 Ansfelden • Traunuferstraße 105a

daily pick-up times MON – FRI from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Please note: 1 day lead time, no cash payment possible on site!
Collection from GLS is only possible after Boombell has released it.


Here our customers can come pick up and test items almost every day after a short consultation!
Cash payment is possible, but we cannot offer Vorot card payments.

Boombell GmbH
Graben 24 • 3003 Gablitz
Linzerstrasse 472 • 1140 Vienna

How long is the average delivery time?

After the ordering process and payment has been made, we will have the goods released for you directly in the GLS central warehouse.
All orders received between Monday and Thursday by 12 p.m. will be dispatched on the same working day.
All orders that reach us after 12 p.m. will be shipped the following day.

The delivery time is on average 2-4 days, depending on the recipient’s location.
Austria: 2 working days
Germany, Hungary, Italy: 3 working days
Switzerland: 4-5 working days

Is there also a service/repair acceptance facility?

Yes, if you have problems with one of our Boombell products, please contact support. This will help you quickly solve the problem.


Does Boombell GmbH also offer telephone support?

You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m +43 (0) 660 760 29 60 or +43(0) 660 233 86 80 86 80

How can I get in touch with Boombell GmbH?

We are looking forward to your contact! Either you contact us directly via our contact form, Write us an email or call us directly.

Mail: support@boombell.eu
Phone: +43 (0) 660 233 86 80 (WhatsApp Business)


What is special about the Boombell Style dumbbell?

Design & functionality, the best materials, a lot of know-how and a lot of innovation make the Boombell the next generation of adjustable dumbbells!

30 in 1, what does that mean?

This means that just one boombell replaces 30 conventional dumbbells of different weights.
from 3kg to 32kg – adjustable in 1kg increments!
(3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg,9kg, 10kg, 11kg, 12kg, 13kg, 14kg, 15kg, 16kg, 17kg, 18kg, 19kg, 20kg, 21kg, 22kg, 23kg, 24kg, 25kg, 26kg, 27kg, 28kg, 29kg, 30kg, 31kg, 32kg) this is unique and only a boombell can do it.

What makes the Boombell Style different from other adjustable dumbbells?

The look, the materials and the adjustment options.
The Boombell is the only dumbbell in the world that can be adjusted in 1kg weight increments!

Is there a direct comparison to the competition?

Yes, you can find a direct 1:1 price/performance comparison with the big players in the industry here.

When was the boombell developed?

The Boombell was developed in 2020/2021 and is ready for series production in 2022 and is available now.

What is the boombell made of?

Only high-quality materials were used for the boombell. Aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, plastic and rubber tested for harmful substances. The main materials of the boombell.

How heavy is a boombell?

The net weight is exactly 32kg.

How many dumbbells of different weights does a Boombell Style replace?

30 dumbbells! – adjustable in 1kg increments!
(3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg,9kg, 10kg, 11kg, 12kg, 13kg, 14kg, 15kg, 16kg, 17kg, 18kg, 19kg, 20kg, 21kg, 22kg, 23kg, 24kg, 25kg, 26kg, 27kg, 28kg, 29kg, 30kg, 31kg, 32kg) this is unique!

Is the Boombell dumbbell system patented?

Yes, the Boombell has been registered for a worldwide patent.
Patent number: 2021303342855

Are spare parts available for the Boombell?

Yes, we always have all spare parts for the Boombell in stock.
This means we can always guarantee our customers a quick replacement and a short repair time.

Is the Boombell also available in other colors?

No, the Boombell Style is currently only available in chrome, but we are already working on a black “Black Edition” version!

How much space do 2 boombells need without a stand?

A boombell with an attachment base has a length of 48cm and a width of 20cm.
This corresponds to a required area of 0.1m2! A SET therefore only requires 0.2m2 of space.

If I order a Boombell set, how many packages will I receive?

A set consists of 2 packages with a gross weight of 35.4kg each!

Can the boombell also be used by children?

No, we strongly advise against it. Since the Boombell is a training device, its use is only recommended from the age of 16. For further safety features, please refer to the Boombell operating instructions.

What do I have to pay attention to when using the boombell?

Please read the Boombell operating instructions before using it for the first time.
You can find these here.


What floor space does the Boomrack require?

When assembled, the boom rack is 65cm wide and 55cm deep.
This results in a floor area of 0.35m2.

How heavy is the Boomrack?

The Boomrack has a net weight of 20.4kg.

How many individual parts does the boom rack consist of?

The Boomrack consists of 11 steel moldings, 5 footrests, 40 washers, 20 screws and two safety belts. For a complete parts list, see the Boomrack assembly instructions here.

What tools do I need for assembly?

A 17mm wrench and a 6mm hex key are required for assembly. Both tools are already included in the scope of delivery, so you can start setting up straight out of the box.

Are there assembly instructions for the Boomrack?

Yes, step-by-step assembly instructions are included in the scope of delivery.
The online PDF version for printing can be found here.

Can I set up the Boomrack alone without second help?

Yes, with a little manual skill the Boomrack can be assembled completely on your own without any further help.

How long does it take to assemble the Boomrack?

Assembly takes on average around 20 minutes. Step-by-step assembly instructions are included in the scope of delivery.

Do other system dumbbells also fit on the Boomrack?

In theory, yes, but we always recommend using the Boomrack in combination with the next generation of adjustable dumbbells – the Boombell.

Do 30 & 50mm weight plates fit on the Boomrack?

No, the Boomrack was only designed for weight plates with an inner diameter of 50mm.

What accessories are available for the Boomrack?

The T-Bar Row and the media tablet holder are available as optional extensions. You can find both items in our webshop.

Is the Landmine T-Bar Row an extra item?

Yes, the T-Bar is a modular extension that is mounted directly on the boom rack.

Is the Boomrack also available in other colors?

No, the Boomrack is currently only available in black, but a special “Chrome” edition is planned for 2024.