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The Boombell GmbH, based in Gablitz/NÖ, was established in 2019 and specializes in the development, production, and distribution of high-quality Home Gym Equipment.

With the adjustable dumbbell Boombell® Style32, we are setting entirely new standards in this segment. Ranging from 3kg to 32kg, in 1kg increments, a single Boombell® replaces 30 conventional dumbbells of varying weights. This is unique and it’s a world record!

Simultaneously developed with Boombell®, the Boomrack has also evolved. Now in its 3rd version, the Boomrack stands as a unique dumbbell rack!

Modular and multifunctional.
The first dumbbell rack with an integrated weight plate holder, barbell holder, and the option to transform the Boomrack into an effective training device with the Landmine T-Bar Row extension.

Following the launch of the chrome-plated Boombell® Style, the production of a completely black version, the “Black Edition,” is now planned. Various different coating processes are currently being tested for this purpose.

Our Goal: Boombell Goes Digital!

In 2023, Boombell GmbH plans to produce the Boombell EVO and launch the Boombench – a foldable, ultra-slim training bench with a magnetic wall mount. Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter and visiting our social networks regularly

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